God tells me to be childlike

But I can’t help but age like stretching wood that creaks sighs into bedrooms of widows and divorcees

Because my mind is an instrument heaven-crafted for beauty—


My heart stretches over cavern bridges

Its strings unwound from wear and heavy with the residue of sweat and dead skin cells,

Exchanged whenever I let lovers draw wavering notes from my open mouth.

I have been unwinding whenever I hide in corners of pulsing nightclubs or lonely booths of dive bars,

Watching the cherries of twenty cigarettes lighting the counter like bulbs of highway caution signs.

They warned me not to kiss the seven-car-pile-up of a woman I saw climbing into a can of cheap beer

But I walked her home,

And watched her cook beneath the yellow kitchen lights, she and the gas stove humming to soft jazz

Me laughing at her jokes.

She says, “I may be horrible, but at least I’m funny.”

I say she’s not and she says baby you don’t know what I’ve done she calls me baby like a child and not like a lover.

She serves me eggs like a mother and I feel small enough to leave the yolks on the linoleum.

No, I like my girls with their skulls cracked open

And their brains fried

So I can put them back;

I like my girls with mile-long stares.

God help me for loving the Venus passed out drunk on the porch

and God forgive me bringing her inside.

Thursday Oct 10 @ 07:43pm
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tagged as: photography. art. poetry. moon tattoo. yuengling. bubble bath. eggs.

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